Is Dragon Ball Z Underrated Or Overrated ?

Dragon Ball Z

Even in the original series, which was more adventure-oriented than what the series has evolved into, Dragon Ball has been recognised for some fairly amazing fights over the course of its three distinct seasons (forget GT for a moment). Gohan vs. Cell and Goku vs. Frieza come to mind immediately, but this series is home … Read more

15 Most Overrated Anime Of All Time

Hi Everyone, My name is Divyanshu Rawat an anime fan from past 4 years. Today I will tell you some overrated anime which I feel are not as good as people tell. The list is here – 1. Naruto Naruto: Akaki Yotsuba no Clover wa Sagase, which has a rating of 6.55 out of 10 … Read more

10 Best Anime Of All Time Ranked

One Piece

Hi Everyone, My name is Divyanshu Rawat, an anime and web series lover who can’t resist great works in the field of Entertainment. Today I will give you some of the best anime of all times that everyone should watch. The list is available below – 1. Pokemon The anime is about the journey of … Read more