15 Most Overrated Anime Of All Time

Hi Everyone, My name is Divyanshu Rawat an anime fan from past 4 years. Today I will tell you some overrated anime which I feel are not as good as people tell.

The list is here –

1. Naruto

Naruto: Akaki Yotsuba no Clover wa Sagase, which has a rating of 6.55 out of 10 on myanimelist, became well-known for its plot and themes. When Naruto joined the Konohamaru mission, he walked to a tree with four red leaves that could grant any wish. The only justification for gathering the four-leaf clover is to keep Yoshino alive. This unusual clover is situated in a location that is off limits, making access nearly impossible. However, achieving their objective has turned into an adventure for these two, Naruto and Konohamaru. The plot of this Naruto series was not as compelling as other series, if one were to make such a comparison. But because it was a Naruto franchise, it became well-known.

2. Beyblade 

One of the best anime games was Beyblade, also known as Explosive Shoot Beyblade. It was written by Kazuhiko and Tatsuhiko Urahata and directed by Toshifumi Kawase. The entire anime centres on a group of kids who are divided into several teams. These people and teams engage in combat with another team utilising Beyblades. The winner is whoever’s blade crosses over the other blades first, or the person who spins until they are the last.

3. Cyborg 009

A cyborg regroup is the subject of Cyborg 009, an action-packed science fiction anime. Combat and the use of armour in some battles have drawn large audiences. Access is available through Netflix. To counter the might of the storm, the cyborgs band together and engage in cooperative combat. They are also there to thwart the Cowboy cause. The adult component of this anime, which does not just focus on children’s viewpoints, is its strongest feature. Additionally impressive are the illustrations and the narrative. The characterisation, however, failed in several areas, yet the design maintained the equilibrium.

4. Monster Rancher

The film directed by Hiroyuki Yano and written by Shiji Yonemura is titled Monster Rancher or Monster Farm. The protagonist of the tale is a little boy named Genki who is stranded in the Monster Rancher universe. His goal is to put an end to Moo the Evil. Reviving the Phoenix is necessary to complete the objective. He made pals with a monster and a Holly-named girl along the route to success. Although the anime received criticism for its characters, it still received the highest ranking (7 out of 10). The growth of Heroes was the only thing missing from it.

5. SD Gundam Force 

The release of Superior Defender Gundam Force coincided with the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Along with the family drama, it contains action and comedy. The novel takes place in a beautiful, cheerful future where both humans and robots coexist in harmony. An wicked entity called Dark Axis ruined this tranquil way of life. The city has put in place a Super-dimensional Guard to control this evil. Shute, the main character, took leadership and participated in the opening conflict. The other character is Captain Gundam, who won by turning on an unknown power source. Despite receiving mixed reviews, the anime managed to become well-known in the action and adventure genre.

6. Transformers: Armada

The anime, also known as Super Robot Life-From Transformers: Legends of the Microns, included action, science fiction, and mecha. Under Hidehito Ueda’s leadership, Transformers: Armada made its debut in August 2002. A little transformer by the name of Mini-Cons caused a conflict to break out between the Autobots and Deceptions. These Transformers gave their owners a kind of surge in power that enabled them to either attack or defend themselves. The story continues with the earth’s devastation occurring in between these wars. The series received some criticism for its plotlines and clumsy character designs. The series’ narratives also tended to repeat situations where the Earth is being destroyed repeatedly.

7. Medabots 

The anime was produced by a number of developers and debuted on July 2, 1999, under Rin Horuma’s direction. It takes place in the year 2122, and Ikki Tenrio, the protagonist, has a robot called a medabot. Not just him, but other youngsters his age also possess the identical robots equipped with artificial intelligence. Up until one team is declared the victor, all the kids compete against one another. There is adventure and action in the anime. Additionally, it touches on science fiction and comedy.

8. Kirby

Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, sometimes known as Kirby of the Stars, is both a comedy and a fantasy anime. Masahiro Sakurai was the creator, while Sji Yoshikawa was the author (one of the directors). It concerns Kirby, a pink, childlike being who was never able to form cohesive sentences. Kirby’s ability to absorb new magical abilities by sucking their owners is his strongest quality. When Kirby arrived on the planet Popstar, he made friends with the Tuff and Tiff brothers. He and his companions battle an evil emperor named Nightmare as the anime progresses. In terms of Nightmare, he is also making every effort to get rid of Kirby by employing a variety of Monsters.

9. Ragnarok The Animation 

Ragnarok: The Animation, which debuted on April 6, 2004, is among the most well-known anime produced in Japan. In a series, romance and fantasy were expertly blended. However, in some cases, the portrayal simply went too far. The main character, Roan, is a swordsman who wants to become powerful and defend Yufa, the love interest. Yufa is Roan’s childhood friend.

The plot thickens when the evil force known as the Dark Lord uses seven crystals to wreak havoc on the planet. These seven crystals, which were sealed, stand for seven different forms of goals. Only the main character Roan, who vanquishes Dark Lord, has the power to bring about change.

10. Amazing Nurse Nanako

Amazing Nurse Nanako, a multi-episode science fiction and erotic comedy animation, was released in July 1999. Yasuhiro Kuroda served as the director and Rasputin Yano served as the writer. The series’ main character, Nanako, is a 16-year-old nurse who works in Dr. Ogami’s hospital. She suffered terrible treatment because of her awkward personality, including physical assault. When Ogami arrives to save her in a perilous circumstance, the tale takes a romantic turn. It has led to the characterisation of overrated anime since a small portion of Ogami’s psychological influence, shifting between the villainous scientist and then a common man, has become a commonplace phenomenon.

11. Sengoku Basara 

Sengoku Basara – Samurai Kings was developed by Capcom and rose to fame all over the world. The television series was a labour of love for its creators, who employed several directors (Itsuro Kawasaki and Shin Itagaki) and producers. Both Animax and the Funimation channel offer access to it. The story takes place in numerous provinces where the power was split. It describes the ascent of the two Demon Kings of Owari, Masamune and Yukimura, and their conflict with Nobunaga. They have made the decision to smash anybody who stands in their path as they work to seize control of the land. However, Masamune and Yukimura’s defeat marked the end of the story.

12. Princess Lover!

Princess Lover, which was written by Makoto Nakamura and directed by Hiromitsu Kanazawa, was made available in 2009. Arima Teppei, who lost his parents in an accident, is the subject of the tale. His grandfather took over as guardian after his parents passed away and appointed him as the corporation’s heir. Other characters in the novel include Charlotte Hazelrink and Sylvia van Hossen, who rose to prominence alongside Seika Hjin and Y Fujikura. The beginning of a new life in Teppei comes with great responsibilities. Due to a cliched premise that appeared in every tenth anime, the story became overvalued. The sexual part, where characters are just full of themselves, has received more attention from the creators.

13. Speed Racer

Speed Racer, often referred to as Mach GoGo, is a sports anime about motor racing that was created by Hiroshi Sasagawa. The story of an adolescent named Gô is the subject of several episodes. Due to the assistance of his friend and the backing of his family, Gô Mifune is regarded as the best race car champion in the entire world. His father gifted him an automobile with the name Mach 5 for him. It is overrated because the creators put more emphasis on fan base expansion than on the character development. The names of the villains were the only aspect of the characters that changed, but not the editing of picture tracking.

14. Ninja Resurrection

It is also known as Makai Tensh: Jigoku Hen and was directed by Yasunori Urata with dark fantasy, horror, and supernatural themes. The series is based on a Futaro Yamada novel of the same name. Many people mistake Ninja Resurrection for Ninja Scroll, however the two words for the same story were distinct. The Tokugawa period is where the tale of Ninja Resurrection takes place. Christians in Japan were being persecuted at the time. Amakusa Shir, the leader of the Shimabara Rebellion, which took place in 1637–1638, stood up against the government and its forces that were persecuting Christianity. As a result, he was killed.

15. Final Fantasy

The role-playing video game aspect of the anime from 1994 includes comedy, fantasy, and adventure. The combination of these topics rendered the series a little bit pointless. Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals takes place in the same world as Final Fantasy V in terms of its storyline. On Planet R, where three of the four crystals were taken, the story is set 200 years in the future. Deathgyunos, the new antagonist in the series, was introduced, but nothing changed when it came to the protagonist. However, Linally and Prettz have been replaced as the main characters.